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The Business Directory is your most current and up to date resource for Palm Beach and the surrounding  business community.  The directory is a complete listing of our membership.  Using the digital guide is a quick and easy way to connect with our business and non-profit members.

Palm Beach Guide

The Chamber's award-winning Palm Beach Guide is a remarkable reference for showcasing its members and providing a convenient directory of stores and services delivered by Chamber members. The guide is the official reference book for all things Palm Beach.


Begin your journey with the breathtaking views of two waterfronts, continue with a stroll in one of the best shopping districts in the world, savor the cuisine at our top-rated restaurants, tour some of the community's historic landmarks and enjoy a luxurious stay at one of our world-famous hotels.

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Who We Are

Founded in 1929, the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce serves the Town of Palm Beach through its representation of the business community and all who work towards a prosperous, healthy and happy town. Business and professional people work together with the Chamber to ensure that the best interests of the community, coupled with the most ethical standards of work and employment, are held to the highest level. Civic-minded individuals work in a variety of fields, support numerous charitable endeavors and encourage the development of leadership for future generations.